Give your speakers a very solid foundation.

The foundation of any piece of equipment is crucial – and in this case, the feet upon which fine audio components rest must be recognized as a critical juncture. For me, the isolation and channeling of degrative vibration is as fundamental to exceptional reproduction of recorded music as is establishing the cleanest possible electrical power. These two cornerstones must be clearly understood before any good can come of the substantial investment accrued among high-end audio components.

When I was initially approached to assess the Center Stage2 Loudspeaker Series (LS) footers, I was slightly hesitant. Of course, I was thrilled to see and hear what they were all about, having reviewed the Critical Mass Systems Center Stage 2M component footers last year for Enjoy the, and subsequently invested in a full complement of the CS 2M footers for all my audio chassis. Still, I assumed there wouldn’t be much more I could offer as an addendum to the assessment I had crafted for the CS 2M, or that would otherwise prove unique to the LS series.