I know that I’ve already talked about The Audio Company room at FAE 2022 that hosted the Von Schweikert Audio loudspeakers in my first installment of show coverage, and on day one, I proclaimed the new Ultra 7 to be my best of show. But that proclamation was probably a tad hasty; I’ll explain in just a bit. First of all, for disclosure, I’ll recap the system featured in The Audio Company’s room at FAE 2022. The two loudspeakers I heard were the Von Schweikert Ultra 7 (on several occasions) and the Endeavor SE’s (on Saturday evening). Amplification and system control was provided by the flagship Valve Amplification Company (VAC) equipment, and it was absolutely essential to help create the larger-than-life illusion of reality with the room’s differing incarnations over the three days of the show. Digital sources featured equipment from Esoteric and Aurender, and the analog source was the massively overbuilt Kronos turntable. Cables were provided by Masterbuilt Audio Cables, and racks and stands were supplied by Critical Mass Systems.