Back Up the Loudspeaker Evolutionary Ladder

Last summer I waxed enthusiastically about Von Schweikert Audio’s remarkable Endeavor Special Edition (ESE) loudspeakers (HERE), one of the finest components to have graced my home during my many years as a reviewer. Compact in dimensions (an important consideration here at the Lounge), blessed with first-rate fit and finish, and imbued with music-making capabilities far beyond what its reasonable (but not insignificant price – $26K the pair) would otherwise suggest, I adopted the ESE as my new reference soon after my review posted online.

My considerable praise notwithstanding, one aspect of the ESE’s sonic performance left me scratching my head, namely what I felt was the speaker’s tendency, at least in my small room, to bloom a bit too richly in the bottom register, this along with a concomitant loss in bass speed, pitch precision, and ultimate impact. I said as much in my otherwise glowing review, but left open the very real possibility that what I had experienced wasn’t the inherent sound of the speakers, but instead the result of a room-induced coloration.