Tri-Cell Enterprises Inc. had a number of successful room collaborations that shone. In their Transrotor/Audiovector room were a number of excellent Audiovector speakers running in range from $1’300 Cdn to $3′,200 for the top-line Avantgarde SR6 powered with the ever sonically succulent Unison Research Unico. The big SR 6 is built with all the quality befitting a flagship design. Situated neatly at the affordable $2’300 point was the new QR3, showing a wealth of sophistication and detail from its driver complement, including a well-executed Air Motion Transformer plus substantial dynamic swing and fast, deep bass. This one caught my attention so keep an eye on the man in the mirror. That’s designer Mads Klifoth and he may have found a product that reflects your deepest desires at a price you can afford.