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Sotto Voce is a 3 to 5 tier wooden rack available in 3 heights CNC’d from quarter sawn Sapele; an African hardwood in the mahogany family. This structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing rack boasts a finish of clear satin or black satin to seal the woodwork. The connective elements are fabricated from metals milled from aluminum  and titanium alloy.

Sapele is a beautiful wood in the mahogany family with a 1510 Janka rating (hard maple is 1450).  As the tree grows its fibers wrap around themselves vertically to form a very tight and stable grain mimicking our metalwork.  The satin finishes are professionally applied.  Sotto Voce it’s structurally sound, quarter-sawn for optimal integrity with an aesthetically appealing finish.  The metal is CNCd from aluminum alloy.  It’s the real deal.

cm-rack sotto-voce

The Sotto Voce offers a wide range of shelf choices tailored to fit your budget and/or performance aspirations.  You can choose from a standard wood shelf, our Sapphire 2 filter all the way up to our Ultra-Platinum and Ultra-Diamond filters.  These 4 choices can be mixed or matched throughout your Sotto Voce.


  • Sapele wood
  • Height adjustable shelf positions
  • Natural or black stain
  • Titanium alloy spikes
  • 28”, 33” or 38” frame height selection
  • Space for 3 or more shelves
  • Aluminum alloy height adjustment inserts
  • Choose from standard wood shelf, Sapphire 2, Ultra-Platinum and Ultra-Diamond shelves

Sapphire 2 filter:

  • Constrained Layer damping
  • Five-stage, dual zone damping system
    • Upper 3-stage Damping Zone
      • 4 layer sandwich grouped in constrained damping layers
      • Singular top plate material for rigidity under load
    • Lower 2-stage Damping Zone
      • 2 layer sandwich in constrained damping layers

Ultra-Diamond and Ultra-Platinum filters:

  • Constrained Layer damping
  • Twelve-stage, dual zone damping system
    • Upper 6-stage Damping Zone
      • 21 layer sandwich grouped in constrained damping layers
      • 3 different top plate materials for rigidity under load
      • 6 different damping materials precisely sequenced based on nomograph damping data
    • Lower 6-stage Damping Zone
      • 17 layer sandwich grouped in constrained damping layers
      • Select bottom plate material for rigidity under load
      • 6 different damping materials precisely sequenced based on nomograph damping data

The Sotto Voce shelves, filters and rack architectures function as-one to mitigate vibration from the floor, the rack, the shelf and the component at the same time. The precision of the engineering is so exact that it performs exceptionally with every component in the audio system.

Remarkable in performance and aesthetic, the leveling is fully adjustable.

We use a nickel sealed anodizing process to stabilize color for the vertical height adjustment rails and the horizontal support rails.

  • Frame height choices: 28”, 33” or 38”
  • Standard width and depth: 24.625” W x 21.5” D
  • Horizontal tolerance to 0.0005”
  • Vertical tolerance to 0.0005”
  • Titanium alloy lockdown bolts at X-axis
  • Vertical usable space is custom made to owners requirements
  • Load limit: Wood shelf and Sapphire 2: 100 lbs. (48 kilos) Ultra-Platinum and Ultra-Diamond, approximately 200 lbs (91 kilos) per component (higher limits are an option)
  • Shipping weight: approximately 110 lbs (50 kilos) not including shelves