Critical Mass Sotto Voce Equipment Rack and Critical Mass Systems Maxxum Amplifier Stands

The Sotto Voce Equipment rack brings the premium performance of Critical Mass Systems’ ultra-high-end support structures to a more accessible price. Costing about on-tenth the price of CMS’ full-blown Maxxum roack, it noetheless confers a substantial and musically significant sonic upgrade on any system. The patented vibration-reduction technology delivers a less electronic, less hurried, less blurred presentation of the music. The SV rack can be upgranded over time with the additon of “filter” shelves that take the sonic performance to another level entirely, paticularly in timbral information and tonal richness. The Sotto Voce does wonder for a turntable, particularly in the bass. To top it off, the Sotto Voce is beautifully made and will compliment even the fines decor.