My flight landed at Flughafen München in Munich, the Bavarian capital and third most populous city in Germany, exactly on time, mid-morning Wednesday, May 17th. After stretching, collecting my bag, changing some currency from US dollars to Euro’s, and using a vending machine to buy a Day Travel Pass for Munich’s extensive public transportation system, I made my way out of the airport and found myself in a large, open courtyard between the airport and the train platform.

Keep in mind, my day had started at 4:00 am EDT the previous day, Tuesday; at this point, 11:00 am CEST (or Central European Summer Time) Wednesday, with the 6-hour time shift, and having been unable to sleep comfortably on the flight, I had been up for some 25 hours.

But, here I was in the Bavarian spring! The fresh air and bright sunlight this unexpected and inviting open space offered was a welcomed release, and just what I needed to help recharge after nearly nine hours, and some 4,500 miles, cooped up in Economy Class on a Boeing 777. In fact, Bavaria was to offer clear skies and a near perfect climate for this New York born traveler; it was to remain in the high-60’s to mid-70’s – that would be 18-23⁰ Celsius – for nearly my entire stay. With only a light rainstorm Friday afternoon, which played out in its entirety while I was inside, I could walk or travel by the city’s train system freely and easily throughout this picturesque, clean, and remarkably friendly city.