Sotto Voce: “By getting what AT calls “random energy” out of the sound, the SV delivers a less electronic, less hurried, less blurred presentation of the music. This rack you can buy and live with happily ever after.”

Maxxum: “…quite simply the ne plus ultra in component stands……Transients are lightning quick, low-level detail is clear as a bell, pitch definition is superb, and timbre is rich and dense in color from bottom to top.”

Maxxum Amplifier Stand: “Sonically, this amplifier stand allows the system to better resolve low-level information, reveal music’s transient structure, and interestingly, seems to make the loudspeakers “disappear” more easily. Once heard, it is impossible to resist.”

QXK:  “… second only to CMS’ Maxxum in efficacy…If you can’t afford a Maxxum, you’re certainly not going to be disappointed with this number.”

From: The Absolute Sound (issue 271, page146, 148)