The game-changing Critical Mass Systems Center Stage footers, one 25mm, and one 20mm, tall

I’ve been using and experimenting with footers since their very genesis back in the summer of 1983, which saw the introduction of both the Sorbothane™ footed Mission Isoplat and Steve McCormack’s machined aluminum ModSquad TipToes, but the Critical Mass Systems Center Stage is something altogether unique.

There can be no doubt that all such devices make a difference. But that difference can be, well, less than desirable in many cases. The best ones clearly afford a dramatic unveiling and let you more clearly hear things like the silence between notes, microdynamic rendering, and spatial cues. They can remove or help nullify external influences which must be viewed as a disordered and chaotic force that, if left unaddressed, will manifestly pollute and contaminate the purity and clarity of your system’s true voice. However, the less effective footers merely shift resonance to differing frequency bands, or even worse, amplify them, and, while they will clearly sound “different,” they only serve to compound the musical chaos and confuse the sonic landscape and tempo with their own murkiness and sullied contributions.