I’ve often thought of Capital Audiofest (CAF) as a snowball barreling down a steep hill – each year, getting slightly larger and rolling with more authority. And because the high-end expo is held in the greater Baltimore-Washington metro area (my stomping grounds), I was thrilled to find this year’s iteration had moved beyond snowball status, officially approaching full-on avalanche mode; there’s little doubt it’s in position to become the East Coast’s best audio show.

The event has traditionally offered a smaller (more intimate) feel as compared to some of the larger more well-known expos that take place in the U.S. And that’s not necessarily a negative. Manageable crowds and interesting lesser known speaker brands have always been a guarantee, making for easy access to and exploration of gear that you’re unlikely to hear elsewhere. Of course, none of this is surprising – it’s part of establishing and growing a movement. Let’s not forget, CAF was founded a mere seven years ago, kicking-off its existence at a historic home called the Rockville Mansion. It has since continued to grow, now inhabiting the beautifully renovated halls of the Hilton Hotel in Rockville, Maryland.