My visit with Bill Parish (GTT Audio & Video), Dick Diamond (YG Acoustics), and both Joe and Greg Kubala (Kubala-Sosna Cables) in room 138 was damn near revelatory. It is no secret that I’m a total Audionet convert. After reviewing the PRE G2 linestage and MAX mono combination for another publication, they have become my reference electronics, handily besting anything I’ve ever had in house. After hearing the new Stern linestage and Heisenberg monos, first in Munich in May, then in a private audition at GTT Audio & Video in late October, I’ve gone on record saying that they not only raise the bar, they create a new benchmark in amplification electronics. Guess what? The Watt ($18,800) is just as impressive an integrated as anything else I’ve heard from Audionet!

Using the Audionet Plank CD Player/DAC ($18,800), sourced by a file serving laptop, the Watt drove a pair of YG Acoustic Carmel 2’s ($24,300/pr.), using all Kubala-Sosna Elation series cabling (~$20,000), to an unprecedented level of performance.